• artist statement yasmin schaffer



    My bicultural background has exposed me to various cultural peculiarities like traditions, mores and value systems.
    Comparison of interacting cultures allows me to explore the Inbetween of similarities and differences pertaining to such peculiarities. By doing so I fathom the field of difference and repetition.
    Therefore I examine different languages for existing junctions like similar-sounding or similarly written words. For example, in my german mother tongue and my turkish "father tongue" the word tabak. In german it has the meaning of tobacco and in turkish it has the meaning of plate. Many such phenomena are to be found between languages. 
    I also inspect the appearance of cities by taking photographs of similar situations and environments.
    Additionally, I write about situations that show traditional particularities.
    My performances, installations, interventions, books, photographs and objects investigate cultural identity, follow the change in language and screen how words paint pictures, how they create or describe reallity and what strength is in them."